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Recorded with Alex Estrada @ EarthCapitol Records, Currently 'Pale Moon Audio'

Mastered By Geza-X


released October 25, 2019

Danny Duran - Vocals

Robert Ochoa - Drums

Joey Duran - Guitar

Quanah Lienau - Guitar

Dylan Brown - Bass

Recorded and Mixed by Alex Estrada @ Pale Moon Audio in Hollywood CA

Mastered By the one and only Geza-X


all rights reserved



FACELIFT Thousand Palms, California

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Track Name: FuckedOut
A Laugh without a smile for what you thought you fucking knew. proud of all your bullshit but it came un fucking glued. Your twisted spine is what held you up until it fell apart too.. take the broken pieces and see it fucking through.

I guess no one told you , what this fucking was. Those alienated strangers are the people you once loved. By now I'm sure you know theres only one thing to expect.. A life in the shadows, void of all respect

You thought the choice was yours but you're not the one who made it. Your whole lifes been a lie, you're the one who faked it.

I guess its not so bad if you genuinely believe your own bullshit contradictions, what else is up your sleeve?

Misery ensues and again you fucking lose. weak enough with out that baggage....has no fucking use
So kick off your shoes , put your head in a noose. hit repeat on the track the describes all your blues.

Now you know that theres nothing to lose and no one here needs you..
Hop off the chair, Prepare for the snooze , Now its time to go.

Try all you want ,though there is nothing fucking left. You're Exhausted to the point that its impossible to rest.

Uncomfortable in your own skin, eyes rolling back in your head, every breath you fucking take looks like its the last one you got left

Now you know you're all alone. Knock all you want but theres no ones home... Die in the Desert by yourself.. you're alone.

Alone! Die in the desert alone but don't come home.. now you are alone.
Track Name: S.O.S.
Noticed all the edges are glowing, I fell through my bed into a fucked up place.Where my Inner most doubts manifest to deceive me and the worst i could do executes post haste.

Theres just me asking me, which one of us does this? No one answers so nothings changed.
With my stomach ripped out and without a heart.. Here the fuck i am again

Oh i know , this is the darkest place in the farthest corner of my mind, Although i hardly recognize it at all
Its like hell you see?, Its the realest one you will ever find.
it exists no where else, except right here inside your fucking mind.

The brain it bleeds For the death it needs cause its possessed by a soul, that, please blacker than coal..And it Believes, I hate all i see. Im void of all love.. I hate what I've become

The insides are now attacking the shell.. Death from within is how its been and its so sad to see. Its all cause of me. Were lost out at sea. You hid from the sun now you're stuck in an endless night.

"Lights up please".. But theres a strange Delay and nothing works.. and I'm way off beat , so the harder you try only makes it worse. Now I'm stuck right here.. Observing from the Furthest row.. this shits fucked out.. i thought it was a Different show.

A blood red screen is all i see. My eyes are closed , am i awake? I just don't know.
Its not what it seems. These are not even dreams.. My Demons are go, Im Losing my soul

My personal cloud has got me all drowned .. So Much for me i just need, so bad to go.. Back where i came, to start it again.. away from this jail.. away from this hell.

Fucked in the head so i can't go to bed. Between the fucking sheets with my problems instead.
I'd say over all this feels " real Dead"
None of my time ever feels well spent
exhausted to the core but as soon as i sleep, thoughts in my head really give me the creeps
Theres nothing i can do or so it seems , all this i explain is the song of screams.
Track Name: U.M.C.
Being Fucked around, not quite sure whats fucking worse..
Immediately being lost or the centrifugal fucking force.
Feeling betrayed with all hopes lost, emotions are gonna run their course.
The only sense i can make of it now is to find and destroy the source.

Every beat of my heart throbs anger, i feel with every step, pure pain.

I'm stuck in this fucking place forever.. the place i never wanted to be again

This Realm exists in my heart, so it follows , to ensure every where i go that i feel the same.

Its where my inner despair , it wallows.. its where i go to feel real pain.

So place your fucking blame cause this games a fucking shame..
it seems like i always lose, and when i lose they fucking gain.
So, place your blame on me cause, to me, its all the same..
I resigned from the struggle. I refuse to fucking race.

Blood and tears, you already knew where sure to spill but you just fight on.. struggling to impose your will
But it fights back hard . So, tired is the only thing you feel.
but just please hold on and hope that some thing here is real..(its not)

It all falls apart before it stacks up against you again. It'll get so hard, you'll feel like deaths your only friend.
It'll get so mean, like misery of a brand new fucked up strain..
Just please hold on and know that every thing, will always end.
Track Name: Surf It
...lights are going out, im losing control.. im absolutely sure this shit is starting to show.
I Dreamt that i was dying, i woke up and i fucking was.
Cause nothing at all is easy , here at square fucking one.
Most of each day is hostile. I do it to myself its awful.
Still Pointing fingers cause im just that fucking bold.

I did it all wrong and that was hard to fucking say.
Usually when i break it, i just throw it right away.
Its hard to fucking live. Its hard to fucking change.
Its Hard to fucking hear it. Its hard to fucking explain.

Lights are out. which way do i fucking go? i only know one route.
The pounding pulse of rabid ghosts, all haunt me know.
the look you see is only me on the way back down.
now im stuck in my shit where i feel so safe and sound
Look at me, i lost my key, im freezing now
typically and prominently displaying a frown.
Unfortunately, the jokes on me...Fucked up clown...UGH..

As im sure you see.. i desperately, want to be in another place
Not even in my dreams, do i know peace, from the tortures of these fucked up days
I wear my heart on my sleeve.. its broken too.. unfortunate for you

Hes " not here" is what im hearing, they say ill never catch up.
The truth is, i dont want to. thats why itll never happen.
Track Name: MindlessMurder
You said that i was just talking shit but now you're dead in my garage.
You ran your stupid fucking mouth , didn't bother to consider the cost.
the reality is you fucked up.
the fact is you got caught.
but at this point you're bleeding to death, trying to scream with a broken jaw.

Hacking up your body is how the day was spent. It was a labor of love, so the day just went. Cleaning up this place is gonna take a friend but you're dead..You're dead.

Smiling to myself for all the good that I've done cause its always a pleasant bonus when you had a little fun.The moment was nearly perfect, it was spoiled by just one thought. " That murder was pretty fucking loud, i'm sure somebody called the cops"

Right just then there was a knock at the door, a few moments later i was killing some more.The boys in blue, now covered in red cause the only good cop is the cop that's dead. When you kill two pigs you gotta kill the whole force. Naturally i obliged , of course.
Wall to wall its red where i bled, its the only way this shit ever ends.

Tagging up my body is how the day was spend , it was the best of all the ways that this shit could've went. I'm at the gates of hell, Ready to arrive. A pig will never take a man alive.
Track Name: Embrace It
Dont want see me? i Didn't want to see you.
Yea, I'm hitting the bottle hard but you already knew.
we could go tit for tat but I'm fiending pretty bad, traded all my dope for a tiny bit of smack.
My pills are wearing off, i can start to feel my back. Exhale and kiss the cross as i clench the little sack

the reality you see? you might think its fucking sad.. But its all that i know. its all Ive ever had.

You call it a crutch, well i call it a brace. i gotta be fucked up just to live at this place.

Wall to wall, my lifes a fucking waste. I'm an existential failure and I'm picking up the pace.

My use is obtuse, always tired and confused, in a bad mood, up to no fucking good.

The reality you see? you might think its fucking sad.. But its all that i know.. its all I've ever had.

My skin is green , theres tracks on my arm.
Missing half my teeth , true junkie fucking charm.
to this type of cloud theres no silver lining see?..
Nothing much to do but embrace it , miserably..
Track Name: SinceForever
If not now, You'll never begin you'll lose your spin. All by choice, you lost your voice and you didn't care. Such a shame, Day after day every thing is the same. Stand and stare, nothing changes and no one cares.

I know exactly where it is you get your suspense, From nowhere doing nothing just dying on the fence.
Cant you see? Oh yea, you can't. All you have is a fucking mouth. I don't think you're listening, you don't know what this songs about.

They sold it to you , i can't believe it. Man, you're fucking lame.
your beliefs are their opinions, You're an automaton of state.
If gods your thing just be yourself and stay the fuck away
Im going where only you believe and I'm better off that way.

So mindless in your arrogance and no shortage of shit to say.
No process in your head, just straight outta your fucking face
Building all your bullshit standing tall with out a care
Im only here still listening cause i know you're fucking scared.

You know its fucking coming, you know its almost here.
We're the culmination of all your greatest fears
Your time is almost up, we know exactly what were missing
The violence is right here, its the only way you'll listen

Todays the day we hang you up right on the fucking cross
Before the light just leaves your eyes, you'll know you've fucking lost
I never hated any one so much in my fucking life.
My greatest joy was being here to watch you fucking die.

Bodies rotting , worms are crawling.
Finally fixed our fucking problem.
finally free from how you think because it don't apply to me.
You tried by force but got it worse.
Disgusting meal for savage birds
It took all this to make you see
Their opinions. Your beliefs.
Don't eat the fish...
Track Name: Frying Song pt2
What did you find? you Must've looked way too deep.
Whats been holding you back? its all the secrets you keep.
Its hard on your mind and now you noticed the time and every time that you breath , you feel it curling your spine.

So go ahead and lay in the dirt, try to puke it away till your body hurts
it was only you and yourself , who decided the drugs would help.
Now i see you had some doubts but I'm hoping you'll come around.
Its raining fucking ashes and the mountains are on fire.

You're beyond all my help, you gotta do it yourself
You're getting eaten alive? I'm not sure but have doubts
Get a hold of yourself , get the fuck off my car
come back in the house, Were listening to GWAR

I don't keep track of what the fuck you took holmes
But I'm thinking back now.. it was probably more than one dose
Now you hold keys and i know how that seems
so relax here it goes. just try not to scream

As dry as a drought but still drowning in doubt and focused way too hard on what its all about.
Your sensibility is seized. My Friend.. This ones gonna be quite hard
you know.. Just go..
A real bad case of a fry misplaced with the view askew and a rapid pace

You're looking at me like i got the answers for you but the fact is that i don't
Its up to you to pull yourself out but the sad truths that you won't
Track Name: Getting A GRip
it keeps on seeming to me, that this time I've lost my mind, man
well, it was just a burden to me. Nothings wrong nor right this time
but now I'm stuck with this fucking scheme, its like fighting a ghost inside of a dream
while I'm gasping for a breath to scream, just to wake up dying.. yea
but it never meant shit to me and its looking like madness might just be my means
as frustrating as it may seem to just close your eyes and leave this life

People like you and i aren't the same and ill tell you why.
Its cause I'm ready to die I'm ready to die I'm ready to die
People like you and i aren't the same and ill tell you why.
Its cause I'm ready to die I'm ready to die I'm ready to die

Now I'm stuck with this fucking scheme, half baked every where but in-between
it was willfully ill conceived by the drunken captain of the sinking ship
with the inability to bleed comes a mood you wouldn't believe.
infectious like a disease. Now I'm fitting to drop my lip and I'm coming apart at the seems but I've got a grip and I'm not gonna slip
cause reality is mine to bleed.. and the truth is i don't give a shit

People like you and i aren't the same and ill tell you why.
Its cause I'm ready to die I'm ready to die I'm ready to die
People like you and i aren't the same and ill tell you why.
Its cause I'm ready to die I'm ready to die I'm ready to fucking die

im a filthy rotten murder treading the earth dirty cunt. theres not much that I'm living for but i do it for the sluts.
im a filthy rotten murder treading the earths filthy clit. theres not much that I'm sure of but i sure do got a grip
Track Name: Til Whenever
the depths of hell is where i dwell , if you're listening to me , Im sure you as well
in never gets any better , it swells.
nothing works and its getting worse. all reversed where the fucks my hearse?
I'm looking for my ride to hell
ill stay right there and not move i swear, my flesh could burn without a care. No don't help
why bother? don't offer.
My mind is split and a feel like shit, i gotta pace cause i just can't sit.
I'm going through the roof or floor, whats more.. is I'm bored

im sitting here I'm chewing my lips I'm grinding my teeth im going through it. I'm telling my self that it doesn't exist i wrote it down but i crumbled the list.
i don't know what or why any more.
i don't want to see whats left in store.
im fucking bored

that struck a chord and i know what for cause standing still hurts so much more
wasting precious time is a crime.
its time to go but to nowhere though. you're not needed cause its not your show
harsh, i know.. it holds you then throws you
you hit the ground and it hits you hard. your mind takes over and it just won't stop. "fuck. I'm cursed"
i know you're trying to hard.. i know its tough but thats now enough, i can see it in your eyes that you're just giving up.. and that right theres the worst..

My attitudes worse each passing day, it costs so much and you're forced to pay. A pent up rage with a need to bleed but you wasted it all just to fall between.
In blink of an eye, there is nothing next.
thats all there is you wasted all the rest.

all your plans fell through.. i know sometimes that its hard to believe.. that the cause of all the problems that your having is you.
I know you said you're trying but for how long?
it feels like a waste. i fucking know that its not hard so don't play that fucking card, you're awake.
step out of line this is not their fucking time. they will break.
its so far behind so the issue on my mind still remains, why the fuck so late? its you . cause you. all you.
Track Name: Newest Anger
hold me down I'm off the fucking ground with anger
the only sound i hear is the kind that fucking makes me madder.
my lid is blown. the contents of the can are shown. it spilled on you
my heart with blood and guts and glue.

let me through. I'm on my way to get my way and its a big mistake to be here unless i made you stay. i can't hear a single fucking word you said.
like nothing else.. is the fury of a man who hates himself.
Newest anger....

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